90 Best Graduate Schools That Don’t Require GRE Scores [2024-2025]

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A growing number of graduate schools don’t require GRE scores for admission as mounting evidence shows the exam’s inability to predict grad school success.

Graduate schools that don't require GRE

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Don’t waste time studying for the GRE. A number of universities offer masters degree without GRE programs, while others often waive GRE requirements if you have a good undergraduate GPA.

Online Master’s Programs without GRE Requirements

A growing number of grad schools now offer online programs without GRE requirements. Accelerated 8-week online classes available. GRE is NOT required.

In addition to no GRE masters programs, a number of doctorate programs don’t require the GRE or offer GRE waivers.

Master’s in Accounting (MA, MS, or MBA)

Accountant shaking hands with students

A master’s in accounting will enable you to understand and develop the practical skills necessary to use some of the latest financial tools. Often, these financial tools are essential for the growth of any organization.

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You will also get an in-depth knowledge of international accounting reports and business stats.

Business Graduate Programs

Graduate programs no gre

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

A master’s degree in business administration will allow you to work on a managerial level that involves careers as managers and consultants in the private sector, research institutes, and government planning sector.

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This degree program offers students a chance to analyze, manage, and research study areas such as finance, administration, and marketing. MBA’s are one of the most popular masters programs that don’t require GRE scores for admission.

Master’s in Finance (MA or MS)

Financial graph on laptop

A master’s in finance will allow you to learn how to use financial analysis models and techniques. At the end of the study period, students will be able to solve critical investment problems.

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The aim of the course is to enable students to add value to organizations by creating financial strategies within a complex business environment.

Master’s in Marketing (MA, MS, or MBA)

Marketing presentation in professional office

A master’s in marketing allows students to study marketing techniques that can provide them a competitive advantage over their rivals. By identifying potential markets and segments, you will understand consumer purchasing processes.

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The degree program also studies methods that provide an overview of consumer buying patterns in different markets.

Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MA, MS, or MBA)

Leader speaking to employees in office

A master’s degree in organizational leadership focuses on leadership qualities to manage the “human aspect” of corporations. As a student, you are likely to gain detailed knowledge of various disciplines such as humanities and social sciences.

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After graduating, you can help your organization get maximum productivity from its workforce.

Master’s in Management (MA, MS, or MBA)

CEO manager walking in high rise office

This degree program allows students to gain a solid knowledge of changes that are shaping our corporate environment. You will get in-depth knowledge regarding the objectives of a modern organization that wants to add value to society.

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Entrepreneurship, IT, and creativity are some of the core topics of this degree program.

Master’s in Human Resource Management (MA, MS, or MBA)

HR manager speaking to colleague

A master’s in human resources focuses on the basic concepts linked to the supervision and management of people in the 21st century. You will learn how to deal with corporate employees in a fast paced environment of a large company.

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The degree program also allows students to study different tools that are useful in managing workers, efficiently.

Computer Science & Technology Grad Programs

Master's in Computer Science

Master’s in Computer Science (MS)

Getting a master’s in computer science allows you to analyze and design new computer systems. You can also study advanced design techniques associated with artificial intelligence and robotics.

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Different types of degree programs in the field also offer extensive industry-experience enabling students to write complex applications related to computers, the Internet, and gaming.

Master’s in Information Technology (MA, MS, or MBA)

Master's in IT

A Master’s in IT allows you to gain a broad knowledge of all ICT areas related to information technology. You will get insight into constantly evolving technology that is the basis of current research and innovation.

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While studying, graduates conceive, plan, and manage the development of complex computer applications. You will also study IT systems from the business and institutional context related to the latest gadgets in the market.

Master’s in Cybersecurity or Information Assurance (MS)

A master’s in cybersecurity or information assurance covers legal and ethical aspects of security in the computing world.

As you study detailed topics, you will notice that most topics are tailored around security in computers.

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Accordingly, students learn about various forensic issues that cover sources of a data hack. During the study, you will also uncover aspects of communication systems that are prone to cyber-attacks.

Counseling & Therapy Graduate Programs

Grad school campus

Master’s in Counseling (MA or MS)

A master’s in counseling is mainly focused on pursuing a license in the fields of mental health counseling and school counseling. Enrolling in this program will enable you to learn modern techniques of individual and group counseling sessions.

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During the course of study, graduate students interact with psychologically disturbed individuals who require effective communication to solve their social issues.

Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy (MA or MS)

The master’s degree in marriage and family counseling is designed to prepare highly qualified, entry-level therapists with specialized knowledge in the treatment of couples and families. You are trained to recognize individuals, couples and families from the perspective of our social system.

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Students build strong conceptual, assessment, treatment planning, and intervention skills based on the main models of couple and family therapy.

Criminal Justice Grad Programs

grad schools that don't require gre

Master’s in Criminal Justice (MA or MS)

A master’s in criminal justice degree program offers students a chance to learn about prevailing criminal laws. You will learn about criminal phenomena of our time such as corruption, organized crime, corporate crime, and new technologies.

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Upon graduation, students are well prepared for careers in a range of fields that includes a job as FBI agent, Air Marshall, Corrections Officer, and Parole Officer.

Education Graduate Programs

Masters program in teaching

Master’s in Education (M.Ed)

Master’s in education students get a broad overview of the educational challenges facing the modern world. You will develop and design educational projects that are vital to a progressive society.

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Graduates also learn pedagogical and psychological foundations that make up the educational process.

Master’s in Teaching (MAT)

A master’s in teaching will assist you in creating proposals that support the use of modern technologies. The course promotes learning in the classroom.

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Unlike a master’s in education, which provides a broader view of the educational environment, this degree is based on techniques used inside a school environment.

Healthcare Administration Grad Programs

Graduate psychology

Master’s in Healthcare Administration

A Master’s in healthcare administration will allow you to study subjects necessary for the development of leaders in the field of healthcare management.

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While studying, you will have a chance to learn different aspects of management related to hospitals, healthcare organizations, and public health infrastructure.

Human Services Graduate Programs

Human Services Programs

Master’s in Human Services (MA)

A master’s in human services will teach you how you can plan and manage services such as discounted healthcare programs, psychological counseling projects, drug rehabilitation services, and child services.

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Mostly, courses are related to administering a wide range of public incentives and community-outreach initiatives.

Liberal Arts & Fine Arts Graduate Programs

Liberal arts online course

Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA)

The Master of Fine Arts degree program will allow you to focus on such diverse fields as visual arts, video, film, dance, theater, performing arts, and literary creation, among others.

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Graduate students mostly specialize in engraving, photography, conceptual art, textile art, illustration, comics, and calligraphy.

Masters in Communication (MA)

Masters students in Communications course

A master’s degree program in communication prepare students for a wide range of careers ranging from local news agencies to handling international projects in international companies and government organizations.

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Your specialization options usually include organizational communication and marketing communication. Also, remember that this program is designed for entry to mid-level managers working in the corporate sector.

Nursing Graduate Programs

Nursing graduate schools

Master’s in Nursing (MSN) and MSN / Nurse Practitioner

A Master of Nursing degree program aims to train professionals to handle a variety of medical issues. As a student, you will develop useful skills required in the hospital environment. Students also learn cutting-edge technology that is assisting future nurses to provide specialized care in an ethical manner to their patients.

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The main objective of a Master of Nursing Practice is to provide expert training to students helping them acquire first-hand knowledge of clinical skills. By the end of the Master’s degree, you will acquire the necessary expertise required to work and manage patients using traditional and scientific techniques.

Political Science & International Relations Graduate Programs

political science schools

Master’s in Political Science (MS)

A master’s degree in political science covers topics related to the structure and function of governments, and how they influence people and societies. You will also evaluate the political, social and economic aspects of policies.

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Different lines of investigation include government policies, institutional behavior, political culture, civil society, and intentional geopolitical security.

Master’s in International Relations (MA)

A master’s degree in international relations combines Political Science to define modern aspects related to globalization, terrorism, ecological sustainability, and international financial issues.

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Your curriculum will focus on complex relationships between nations and states. Students also study the relationship from historical, economic, political, legal and sociocultural perspectives to understand the impact of these diverse elements on a global scale.

Psychology Graduate Programs

Universities no exam require

The two primary psychology graduate programs that don’t require the GRE are the master’s in psychology and master’s in forensic psychology.

Master’s in Psychology (MA or MS)

The master’s in psychology is usually aimed at professionals in social science, health science, and education science. After graduating, you are able to demonstrate a solid background in various types of research methods used in psychology.

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During your studies, you will also develop solid skills needed to execute projects related to psychology, and create group intervention programs.

Master’s in Forensic Psychology (MA or MS)

The master’s in forensic psychology provides fundamental skills for the practice of the profession of a forensic psychologist in an expert role. As an expert adviser, you will learn to prepare reports for the jury in legal proceedings.

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You will also acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to prepare the forensic report in different jurisdictions and learn various methods to present such reports before Courts and Tribunals.

Public Administration & Public Policy Grad Programs

Public Administration meeting

Master’s in Public Policy & Administration (MA or MS)

A master’s in public policy will allow you to study how laws, rules, and regulations are created by governmental organizations. The degree program could include the study of municipalities, regional governments, national organizations, and political and non-governmental organizations.

Students also use statistical data to analyze and diagnose the social needs of the population.

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Students enrolled in a master’s in public administration learn about a number of administrative and management tasks common to nonprofit agencies and government organizations.

Master’s in Public Health (MPH)

Public health professional giving guidance

A master’s in public health will train you to address public health measures from various perspectives. Students learn different intervention methods allowing them to deal with the health problems of a specific population. You will learn techniques such as advocacy intervention, protection, and restoration of community health programs.

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A number of accredited universities offer an online MPH without GRE scores.

Social Work Graduate Programs

M.Ed course

Master of Social Work (MSW)

A Master of Social Work is usually designed to improve the quality of life of a particular individual or community. You will likely combine research, crisis intervention, community organization, and strategy to achieve community-oriented results.

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After graduation, students can work directly with hospitals, NGOs, and various government institutions.

Sports Management & Exercise Science Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Sports Management

Master’s in Sports Management (MS)

A master’s in sports management will allow you to apply tools for success in the sports industry. Topics of study include psychology, management, marketing, policymaking, and communications.

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After graduating, you can find a large number of opportunities in management and training positions within sports organizations.

Master’s in Exercise Science (MS)

The master’s in exercise science degree is designed for professionals who already have a college degree in exercise science, kinesiology, physical education or a related subject. Through this program, you will gain strategic and critical thinking skills needed to understand body dynamics.

Knowledge about diet and nutrition that you gain from this program is immediately transferable to the current job market.

Theology & Divinity Graduate Programs

Doctor of Ministry student

Master’s in Divinity (M.Div)

The Master of Divinity is mainly designed for students who wish to serve the people of God through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the local church. As a student, you gain comprehensive skills to recognize and understand the different views of our world and to know how the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ impacts each person in their individual context.

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Master’s in Theology & Religion

As a master’s in theology student, you will learn the nature of divinity by reviewing a variety of religious and philosophical beliefs. It is often, but not always, studied to enhance existing knowledge in a specific religion. Your program will cover comparative religion, philosophy, and spiritual writing as well as the effects of religion on history, economics, and politics.

What types of graduate school waivers for the GRE are available?

GRE waivers

It depends on the university, but the most common graduate programs that don’t require the GRE (or offer a GRE waiver) look at the following criteria for admissions consideration.

1. Previously Earned Graduate Degree

If you have already earned a graduate degree in a related field, some universities will often waive GRE requirements based on previous experience. Doctor of Nursing Practice is an example of such a degree.

2. Work Experience

Many reputable universities without GRE requirements may substitute the exam for work experience. This is particularly true for research-intensive programs where experience is more necessary than previous academic qualifications.

Admission directors of various programs, such as healthcare, public policy, medical science, and business administration, encourage applications from experienced students because these students can positively apply theory to practice.

A number of these schools also have PhD programs that don’t require GRE scores.

3. Undergraduate GPA Range

You will be happy to know that a number of graduate schools do not require GRE from students if their GPA falls in a particular range. It means that you can increase your chances of GRE exemption with a better GPA. The average undergraduate GPA range for most grad programs is between 2.8 and 3.0.


Some programs, particularly degree programs related to business, allow students to provide GMAT scores instead of GRE. If you have already taken GMAT, talk to the admission counselor to waive GRE requirements.

No GRE Policy

Many graduate programs don’t require the GRE from their applicants. This policy is usually followed by graduate schools that put greater emphasis on your research work and past experience. In fact, you can always find a school that has a “no GRE” policy.

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Should I Send GRE Scores to Grad Schools if they are optional?

If you’re looking at schools that do not require the GRE, you can still send your scores if they are good enough to be noticed. Even if GRE is optional, there are a lot of schools that encourage students to send GRE. On the other hand, it’s a bad idea to include low GRE scores, particularly when the school doesn’t ask you to send one.

Are Grad Schools that Don’t Require GRE Scores Reputable?

If your school doesn’t require GRE, it doesn’t mean that its reputation is at stake. In reality, “no GRE” is just a part of their admission policy. If you want to verify the accreditation of a grad school with no GRE requirement, you can visit the U.S. Department of Education accreditation page.

Same level of academic quality and excellence

You may not know that all graduate schools are accredited by the same educational body. It means that higher educational institutes in the United States have to follow and submit to quality guidelines that are also similar to other institutes.

GRE scores do not determine future academic success

An increasing number of graduate schools are putting less focus on GRE because recent research indicates that GRE scores do not correlate with future success. A recent publication in Science Magazine provides significant evidence related to the phenomenon. Therefore, you should not worry about taking GRE.

GRE scores are often misused by admissions committees

Research evidence also suggests that GRE scores are often misinterpreted by the admission committee of schools that rely too heavily on these scores. It is yet another reason why many schools don’t require the GRE.

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Which entry exams may be required by graduate schools in the U.S.?

GRE: It is the most common admission test for graduate schools in the United States. You will take exams in basic algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis. Written material and problems solving skills are also used to compare candidates.

GMAT: The GMAT exam is the most preferred admission test for admission into business schools. You will be assessed in analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative, and verbal sections.

Miller Analogies Test: The test is required for admission to specific degree programs. It is a high analytics test comprising of 120 questions in the form of an analogy.

TOEFL: This admission test is mandatory for international students whose native language is not English. It tests students for their ability to read, listen, write, and speak in the English language.

What is the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)?

Graduate Record Exam

The GRE will test you in three content areas, which include the analytical writing section, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. The score ranges from 130 and 170, where the top 10% of all test takers score an average of 164.

GRE vs. GMAT: What’s the difference?

There are three key differences between the two tests. While GMAT is preferred by business schools, GRE is the choice for admission into most other U.S. grad programs.

Experts also believe that quantitative sections on GMAT are more difficult than GRE. In contrast, GRE can be difficult for non-native speakers as its verbal section contains more obscure words compared to GMAT.

Did you know that GRE candidates are allowed to return to their questions? In contrast, the GMAT format doesn’t allow candidates to go back to previous sections. This difference in format can increase your test anxiety when taking GMAT.

Are there grad schools that don’t require GRE scores?

There are plenty of grad programs administered by reputable schools that don’t require the GRE. Your GRE scores can also be waived depending on experience, GPA, and GMAT scores.

Can you apply to grad school without GRE scores?

Yes, you can apply to graduate schools without a GRE score depending on the admission policy of each school. There are quite a few online masters programs that don’t require the GRE (and neither do the doctoral programs at those schools).

Should I apply to a graduate school without GRE requirements?

You should not hesitate to apply to graduate schools without a formal GRE requirement. A number of reputable schools in the United States do not regard GRE as a prominent factor in their admission policy. For example, there are quite a few schools with online EdD programs no GRE scores required, or a waiver may be offered.

In addition, you can also find a number of colleges that have no dissertation for doctoral programs.

Is the GRE required for adult online students?

Most accredited online programs offer similar quality of education compared to class-based programs. Accordingly, a number of online programs do not require the GRE test, while others may provide test waivers, if applicable.

Is the GRE Test Required for Graduate School?

No, the GRE exam is not required by all graduate schools. In the United States, there are over 90 reputable universities that do not require the GRE exam as a part of their admission process.

GRE requirements vary from school to school. Here’s a list of the universities that do not require GRE scores for admission.

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Can you get a GRE waiver?

It doesn’t hurt to ask the graduate school for the GRE test waiver. Many schools will waive the admission test if you have many years of relevant experience. A good GPA may also qualify you for the test waiver. Similarly, if you have already taken GMAT, GRE may not be required.

Does applying to a no GRE graduate program save time?

Yes, it is more practical to apply to a no GRE graduate program if you’re short of time. Remember, GRE takes several months to prepare properly. The preparation means that you can delay your application to graduate school by 6 months to one year. If time to completion is a major consideration, check out our article on Accelerated PhD Programs.

Hopefully, this information will be able to bust the myth that every reputable graduate school requires GRE. If you don’t have the time to take the test, don’t wait for another semester to get admission. Instead, start looking for a program that encourages your skills and experience rather than your test-taking abilities.

List of 90 Grad Schools that Don’t Require GRE Scores

graduate schools without gre scores

Here is a list of 90 schools that don’t require GRE scores for admission:

  1. American Public University
  2. American University
  3. Anna Maria College
  4. Antioch University
  5. Arizona State University
  6. Arkansas State University
  7. Ball State University
  8. Baylor University
  9. Belhaven University
  10. Benedictine University
  11. Boston University
  12. Brenau University
  13. Briar Cliff University
  14. California State University – Dominguez Hills
  15. California State University – Northridge
  16. Capella University
  17. Claremont Lincoln University
  18. Colorado State University
  19. Colorado Technical University
  20. Concordia University – Montreal
  21. Drexel University
  22. Emory University
  23. Emporia State University
  24. Excelsior College
  25. Fitchburg State University
  26. Florida Atlantic University
  27. Florida Atlantic University
  28. Fort Hays State University
  29. Franklin University
  30. Frostburg State University
  31. George Washington University
  32. Georgetown University
  33. Gonzaga University
  34. Graceland University
  35. Johns Hopkins University
  36. Kent State University
  37. Lamar University
  38. Liberty University
  39. Louisiana State University
  40. Minnesota State University – Moorhead
  41. Minot State University
  42. Missouri State University
  43. National University
  44. New York Tech
  45. North Carolina State University
  46. Northeastern University
  47. Northern Illinois University
  48. Norwich University
  49. Nova Southeastern University
  50. New York University – School of Social Work
  51. Ohio University
  52. Post University
  53. Purdue University Global
  54. Queens University
  55. Regis University
  56. Rochester Institute of Technology
  57. Rutgers University
  58. Saint Mary’s University
  59. Simmons College
  60. Southeastern Oklahoma State University
  61. Southern New Hampshire University
  62. St. Bonaventure University
  63. Texas A&M University
  64. Texas Tech University
  65. Thomas Edison State University
  66. Trident University
  67. Troy State University
  68. University of Arizona
  69. University of Arkansas
  70. University of Cincinnati
  71. University of Florida
  72. University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
  73. University of Iowa
  74. University of Kansas
  75. University of Nebraska
  76. University of New England
  77. University of North Carolina – Wilmington
  78. University of North Georgia
  79. University of Saint Mary
  80. University of San Diego
  81. University of Scranton
  82. University of Southern California
  83. University of Vermont
  84. University of Wisconsin
  85. Utica College
  86. Webster University
  87. West Texas A&M University
  88. Western Carolina University
  89. Western Governors University
  90. Wilmington University

Many well-known graduate schools do not consider the GRE to be a reliable predictor of success.

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