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Other types of loans for bad credit

Besides providing guarantor loans, we offer various types of bad credit loans to the people of the UK. Our each loan policy has been tailored in accordance to the customers’ needs and circumstances. We aim at offering a series of loans to the people facing trouble with their bad credit score.

The best part of this bad credit loan is that they are provided to the people without checking their background history. All they need to do is to fill up certain criterions in terms of affordability. That’s it and they can get loans at best interest rates.

Today’s market for bad credit is increasing at a very fast pace, for this reason, or the other, types of loans have increased to a great extent and thereby make the race competitive for businesses. There are various types of the loan now available in the market packed up with different features and fancy names. However, they serve the same purpose that aims at offering financial help to people having bad credit history.

We have listed here some types of bad credit loans that we offer and also give small descriptions that better make you understand how they actually work.

Types of bad credit loans

  • Payday loan

These types of loans are very useful. Currently, they are the most demanding loans in the UK. The reason behind its popularity is they are easy to get. You need to fulfil thousands of formalities and wait for several days for loan approval. Once you apply for the loan, you will get a response in just a few minutes. It does not matter whether you have a bad credit history or no credit history, to get this loan you don’t need to fulfil any criteria.

  • Instant bad credit loan

If you need instant cash for meeting any financial emergency, instant bad credit loan is the best option. However, to get these loans you should be 18+ years of age and a resident of the UK. These loans are designed to meet the short-term requirements of customers. The payment of this loan need to be made in full and the time period varies depending on the amount of the loan granted. Therefore, if you need cash to pay off your grocery bills, electricity bills, medical bills, then applying for an instant loan is the best option.

  • Installment loan

A bad credit instalment loan gives you the access to draw a huge amount of loan on a monthly instalment basis. To apply for this loan takes only a few minutes and it will get done online. You don’t need to bear any kind of hassles for loan approval. Just submit your personal details such as name, phone number, email Id and Id proof and within few months, you will get to know whether your loan application has been approved or not. Once your application is approved, you will receive the amount within 24 hours.

  • Doorstep loan

With doorstep loan service, you can get up to £10,000 loan in just a few days. This type of loan has been specifically designed for meeting the demands of the bad credit market. It offers the best solution to any of your financial requirement. This loan has also been termed as any purpose cash loan that once can easily afford to repay.

These are the types of loans that we offer to the people of the UK with bad credit history.