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Guarantor Loan for Bad Credit

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Our guarantor loans

People with bad credit score can now fulfil their financial needs by taking guarantor loans from a trusted and reliable institution like ours. Our guarantor loans have been tailored to meet the financial requirements of individuals.

We follow a flexible approach for approving loans to our customers. We follow simple online steps through which applicants can easily apply for guarantor loans in just a few clicks. Moreover, we offer best interest rates to our customers that ensure you will get the best loan benefits here. By availing our loan, you can better control your finances.

We believe in trust based lending

Doesn’t it look good if you can borrow money based on your relationship with friends and family members? With our guarantor loans, you can do just only that. A guarantor loan is a type of alternative loan that is provided to people with bad credit score. It is a loan which is provided based on trust rather than your credit score.

If you have bad credit score or no credit history, and you are looking for a loan of £20,000, you can opt for a trust based lending or guarantor loan.

How does our guarantor loan work?

A guarantor loan is different from other types of loans. This loan is based on friend and family relationship that trusts you. When you become unable to repay the loan, they will be held responsible for making repayment on behalf of you. The guarantor agrees to make repayments when you miss the monthly instalment due to any reason.

What are the exclusive features of our guarantor loans?

Our guarantor loan has some unique and exclusive features that set us apart from others. Let’s check out these features –

  • Quick approval:

Once you submit your application for guarantor loan online, you will go through it and send the application to our completion team who will approve the application and thereby, transfer the amount in just 24 hours.

  • No hidden charges or set up fees:

There is no hidden charge associated with our loan structures. Moreover, we don’t charge any set-up fees for processing your loan application.

  • Everyone will be considered:

If you have a bad credit score, no credit history or missed payments, don’t worry as we are here to fulfil your financial requirements. So long you can afford monthly repayments; you can apply for a guarantor loan.

  • Easy to repay:

If your circumstances change at any point of time during the tenure of the loan, you can easily reset your loan structure and ask for details from our customer service department at any time.

Why choose us for guarantor loan?

Our company believes in fair and responsible lending, and thereby we don’t have any hidden charges or set up fees, and this makes us special from others. We understand how it feels when your financial need is turned down by financial institutions and banks.

With our huge lending experience of serving more than thousands of clients, we understand the financial conditions of customers and thereby offer guarantor loan fulfilling the desired needs of customers.